"As a younger man I would have been uncomfortable admitting how closely run the paths of religion and literature. Now I embrace their shared mission, even as their ends can be totally contradictory." - Scott Cheshire

Listen people…we’re gonna need more TV characters like this to break the stereotype that stoners don’t get out and exercise. 

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Scott Daughtridge interviewed me over at Fanzine about the end of Safety Third Enterprises. Topics included: Chapbooks, Michael Jordan, L. Ron Hubbard.

Endless fist bumps to Scott and Casey McKinney.

Morning words from Brian Allen Carr.

Even though Safety Third is officially over I will joining Adam Robinson (Publishing Genius), Gina Myers (Lame House Press), Bruce Covey (Coconut Press) on a panel about small presses on Saturday, August 30 at 10am at The Decatur Book Festival. The panel is moderated by the always wonderful Amy McDaniel (421 Atlanta).

Morning words from Scott Daughtridge, I Hope Something Good Happens.

Morning Words from Brian Allen Carr, “The Last Horror Novel In The History Of The World”

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